Top 10 posts on China Elevator Stories, post 101-150

In celebration of publishing the 150th blog post on China Elevator Stories today, I’ll take a look at the top 10 posts, posts 101-150: 10. Guest post: “My wife thinks I have a lover” A repair guy talks about his relationship problems with guest poster Marta’s boyfriend. 9. “Are you pregnant?” One of my co-workers asked […]

Wearing radiation-proof maternity clothes to get a seat on the subway

One weekend after I find out that I’m pregnant, I go to buy some comfy clothes with a Chinese friend. When we are done with shopping and eat lunch, she says: “You should buy radiation-proof clothes. These are specially made for pregnant women and if you wear such a dress, people will offer you their […]

Guest post on Texan in Tokyo: “Jealousy in cross-cultural relationships”

Last Monday, newly-wed Grace from Texan in Tokyo has published a guest post from me on her blog. Grace writes thoughtful and engaging articles and her blog includes a wide range of topics (that sometimes come in the form of comics) covering life in Japan, long distance relationships and two recent favourites of mine: “My Big, Fat Texas Wedding” and […]