A night out at Christmas

At Christmas 2012, my boyfriend and me had been together for less than two weeks. We hadn’t yet made our relationship public, so our colleagues did not know for sure if we were together or not. Some already guessed we were while some thought Y was chasing after me, without us being actually together yet.

Christmas 2012 was not much like Christmas back at home. On December 25th our boss treated me, Y and a few other colleagues to dinner at a Yunnanese restaurant in Shenzhen. I appreciated the effort, my boss and colleagues all knew that I loved Yunnanese food, so this meal was their Christmas gift for me.

While my boss and colleagues all concentrated on drinking some kind of strong and bright green liquor, I concentrated on eating the delicious dishes we ordered.

After three hours of eating and drinking at the restaurant we went to a Karaoke place. Except for me and Y everyone was already quite drunk.

At the Karaoke place, Y sang a song called “Addicted” in Chinese. His deep voice was perfectly suited for singing this rock song and in my opinion it sounded a lot better than the original version. While he was singing, everyone else was cheering and applauding him.

After he finished and we listened to the others for a while, I texted Y and asked him to sing a romantic song for me. He didn’t get a chance to do so because the others were all too eager to sing, but he texted me back, telling me that he sang the song “Addicted” just for me.

Only a few days later did I get to know the lyrics. The first lines go something like this: “Every single day I’d like to get dirty with you. Without you, my whole body feels weak (…) I think I’m addicted.”

I laughed at the thought that he sang this song for me at Christmas, with everyone except me understanding the lyrics.

Have you ever celebrated Christmas far away from home? What was it like?

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Hi, I'm Ruth, welcome to China Elevator Stories! I have been living in Kunming and Shenzhen in the past and am now staying in Northeast China with my Chinese husband and our baby and toddler son. Join us on our journey bridging worlds!


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