„Go die“, „Shenzhen hookers“ and other popular search terms on China Elevator Stories

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Have you ever wondered what this blog is really about? I’ll give you an overview with some of the most popular and funniest search terms people used before they ended up on this page.

  1. Go die
    Except for “China Elevator Stories”, “go die” has been the single one most popular search term. Because this page is all about insults, especially the insults I throw at my Chinese husband.
  2. Shenzhen prostitutes
    “Shenzhen prostitution”, “Shenzhen hookers”, “where can I find prostitutes in Shenzhen” have all been very popular search terms leading people to my page. It seems there’s no better page to refer people to prostitutes in Shenzhen than mine. Wonder where I talk about Shenzhen and prostitution on this blog? Look no further, here’s the post: “Shenzhen, the nastiest place in China, or is it?”
  3. My Chinese mother-in-law loves me
    “Chinese mother-in-law” was also a very popular search term. “Chinese mother-in-law problems” was directly followed by “my Chinese mother in law loves me”. “Annoying Asian in-laws” also came up quite often. Anna from China’s Lost Panda has written this guest post giving you tips on dealing with your Chinese mother-in-law, and I talked about the expectations some Chinese MILs have about their role in parenting your child.
  4. Massage stories
    I’m not sure what kind of massage stories people were searching for when they ended up on my page (okay, maybe I am). You won’t find any of those stories on my blog, but I have written about Chinese massage (calling it “torture”) before and had one or the other fun conversation with a massage therapist.
  5. Saying good night
    This one is also an all-time favorite search term. From “Saying good night every night” to “romantic ways to say good night”, many are turning to this blog for answers, which they may or may not find in the post When saying good night means much more than just good night.

There have also been other funny search terms, including “stories of grandma and her cucumber” (well, I featured that one on my blog!), “questions to ask Chinese women” (because you have to ask them different questions than other women), “I’m thinking of breaking up” (thanks for telling me via Google search), “Chinese husband vs. Japanese husband” (we’d all love to see that duel), “will you have Chinese babies if you marry a Chinese man” (that depends on your definition of Chinese), “my husband dresses up to wear tights” (good for him), and finally, “Michael Zerbs wife” (yes, I also have no idea who that is).

I’ll spare you with the not-so child friendly search terms that came up.

Which one is your favorite search term? Have you had any funny search terms come up on your blog?

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Hi, I'm Ruth, welcome to China Elevator Stories! I have been living in Kunming and Shenzhen in the past and am now staying in Northeast China with my Chinese husband and our baby and toddler son. Join us on our journey bridging worlds!


  1. It seems parents in law are a headache topic for many people, haha. My posts about my MIL and my FIL are also among my most visited ones.

    Regarding the search terms, most searches for me are the name of my blog or amwf china. But there are some weird ones like “girls hostel room – panty drying on dress hanger”, “in monsoon season the life style of chinese pealoplr” or “dead babies package for sell in china supermarkets”. People look for very strange things…

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