“Do you also feel that we should only have one child?”

father and son

It’s August 2014, our son is only a few weeks old. My husband says:

“Do you also sometimes feel that we should only have one child?”
I: “You mean because taking care of one child is already exhausting enough?”
He: “No, because he’s just so perfect.”

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Hi, I'm Ruth, welcome to China Elevator Stories! I have been living in Kunming and Shenzhen in the past and am now staying in Northeast China with my Chinese husband and our baby and toddler son. Join us on our journey bridging worlds!


  1. Behind the Story

    He is adorable! And yes, I think he’s perfect.
    Taking care of one child is a lot of work, but having two or more children is easier once they get past the diaper age because they can play with each other.

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