The dumpling tantrum – When you’re not the only one who misses Chinese food


It’s August, 2015. I’m in Austria with our 1-year-old son. When we go to a Chinese restaurant in Vienna with friends, my son sees pictures of various Dim Sum (Chinese-style dumplings). He gets very excited. We order some and when they arrive, he starts having a full-blown tantrum because I’m not fast enough feeding him dumplings with chopsticks. Oops. It’s clearly time to go back to China, reunite with daddy, and enjoy some home cooked dumplings.

Do you miss Chinese food when you’re away from China? Let us know in the comments’.

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Hi, I'm Ruth, welcome to China Elevator Stories! I have been living in Kunming and Shenzhen in the past and am now staying in Northeast China with my Chinese husband and our baby and toddler son. Join us on our journey bridging worlds!


  1. I already know how to make most of the dishes I like pretty well, so I can make them if I am craving for them. There are just some I can’t make because they demand too many cooking skills or I just don’t have to utensils to make them. I really love 鷄蛋仔 (eggette), so I eat them a lot every time we go to HK.

    Where do you go to eat Dim Sum in Vienna? Are there any places you can reccommend?

    • That’s amazing that you can cook most of the dishes you like yourself.

      Two Dim Sum places in Vienna that come to my mind are Aming Dim Sum near Kettenbrückengasse and Happy Buddha near Mariahilfer Gürtel. The former also has a choice of different fried dishes as well, and the latter more Cantonese dishes like congee or soups.

  2. Living in Melbourne, I miss Malaysia and Singapore food all the time. Food like congee, yum cha and yes, dumplings too. The way Chinese food is made in Australia is certainly different – most of it is Westernised in some way. Also, Chinese food here comes in much bigger portions…bigger portions certainly means more to eat but if it’s overly salty then that puts me off from finishing off the dish.

    Hope your son gets his dumplings quicker next time 😉

  3. I don’t really miss Chinese food that much when I’m in the US. Anyways, my parents and sister always make me cook it for them even though I’d rather be eating lasagne or something! William seems to prefer Western food, but we’ll see how he feels once we live in the US and he doesn’t get to eat dumplings and baozi very often.

    • Yeah, I don’t mind eating Western food when I’m back home and try to eat everything I know I won’t get in China. But eating Western dishes for 2 weeks a year is enough for me. Our son, we’ll yet have to see. He’s not very picky with eating, but he’s happy to eat something he’s used to from China for a change when we’re in Austria.

  4. Cute post! I definitely start missing Chinese food after a while in the US (usually two or three weeks), so I can relate. (My mother-in-law is an amazing cook too, so I totally crave a bunch of her signature dishes.)

  5. Oh I do miss good Chinese food when being in gold old Germany or Finland. Here most restaurants are pretty subpar when it comes to the authentic taste as they try to please the German/ Finnish taste and thus destroy much of the original Chinese dish.
    Thankfully my wife has pretty many dishes by now she can make which are nearly as good as the street kitchens! Less than three weeks for us and then we will be for nearly a month in Xi’an again and enjoy as much food as possible

      • We had these restaurants also in Finland however here in my small hometown and surroundings areas the restaurants do not offer these kind of menus

  6. I moved to Japan from Beijing 9 months ago and I miss Chinese food so much! They have dumplings here too, brought over from China. But they’re just not the same.

  7. robert

    Try finding authentic Chinese in Graz 🙁
    And don’t get me started about hotpot, is there a single hotpot place in Austria?

  8. Shaz

    My HK born partner and I are lucky to live in one of the most proportionally Chinese cities in the world (Toronto) but when we go to rural Ontario to visit my family, I definitely miss good congee or dim sum… 🙁

  9. I am lucky I think – I have now found a wonderful dumpling restaurant in Canberra Australia after spending three years in China I miss the dumplings and ‘yu xiang qiezi’ all the time. Like your blog.

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